Ten years from now or an hour ago – Poems I find somewhere


Ten years from now or an hour ago

Five years ago the paper, brought to me sad news, That I was out the love of my life (She never even knew.) She was sitting in a diner, When a car crashed through the wall, She and two others— a sister and brothers, Heard their final call Time ole time to no man yields, (or else you’ll pay a price) I knew this thing, when I set off, To save my darling’s life. I needed giggadrives and X-RAY flux and even voltage dividers, But thank the lord I have a job, At the Tri-state Particle Collider I worked all day, and slaved all night, to modify my van Years ticked by, I began to wonder If I’d finish what I began— To the bar I sauntered up And got myself a soda She looked over and said to me Save me sweet casanova (No, focus now there’s work to do and I’m only getting older.) At dawn I woke the day had come, Its time for me to save her, Drag her out the temporal abyss, Against the laws of nature. I warped through time, Skipped through space, And crossed those great divides, Only to wind up double-parked Shirley’s diner, two thousand nine. Deep breath, I’m in, I see her there, In the booth just by the window, Knowing not that in minutes flat, She’d be smashed up by a limo She could tell that something’s wrong Asked me what’s the matter, But I just laughed and played it off, Asked her bout time travel She agreed she’d run away To travel space and time, If an old acquaintance With a volkswagen van ever dropped her a line. As the clock was ticking low, I knew that I must act, I said to her, now come with me, And warned others of the crash We skipped outside and off we went To explore all space and time Ten years from now or an hour ago She just became my bride