My thoughts on Capitalism – Poems I find somewhere


My thoughts on Capitalism

Our days burn fast,and we outpace our fate, Reaching for the sky,and grounded by weight, Cut too deep to dream about anything more, Stamp out the light and chase profit 'till dark, Your pockets are deep,and your heart is a farce, Exploiting lives so that you may earn more, Gold leaf and privilege for all who pass GO, Private prisons collect all those you've broke, Because profit is made from things that kill hope, Like starving the poor and selling cheap dope, We know your plans, we've seen them before, Half plastic oceans and GMO corn, Sold for convenience and costing much more, More damage than a rant or song can report, Dead cities or oceans,which one is worse? Tied by the neck to those who jump first, It's those in the back,who's back's strain the worst, Trying without choice to maintain the norm., Their normal's been bought by those who pay more. So raise a cheap glass to great futures gone by, To president and dictators all worldwide, To thank them and their values, For this precocious slide into poverty and need, To you it applies,because your not valued, You've been cast aside, It's often the case for wrong things to seem right. Revolution at hand,let's all grab a gun, let's void all the progress and good that we've won, Because we've lost sight and gave power to few, our statement of greatness no longer seems true, Until one considers another angle or view, Of those who have yachts and hedge funds to boot; "Our incentive is greed,its hard to refute,freedom's unequal for those who bleed blue, The product of a system slated for the few,the worlds too small,so many must loose." Orders of men,strategic and cold, Deciding the futures of those young and old, Forgetting all that shines is not always gold,but something unvalued,at first seeming dull,that's polished and cut,then placed under sun. So polish and cut until rounded to one, Until they believe that your one of them, Until You,yourself see's the old you is gone, Until all of your values are no longer yours, and when nearing the top, you'll know you made big, When all those who knew you say "FUCK YOU PIG!"