Echo’s of a broken heart – Poems I find somewhere


Echo’s of a broken heart

Broken, Ripped, Dismembered

This is the state of a heart that endured to betrayal.

You can't get close, You don't trust most

You opened your heart, He tore it apart

You delivered your love, You were spat on from above

You watched him leave as you bleed watching the seed of your anguish sprout like thorns piercing through flesh and spirit.

Hurt, pain, agony

These are the only words your lips will taste as your heart is harden from its bitterness.

You refuse to love to avoid the pain as you bask in the dismay of your lonely soul.

Wallowing in the shadows of your misery.

The storm has lasted so long you don't remember the existence of light.

So long you've been in the dark that you no longer know the moon from the sun.