Ten years from now or an hour ago – Poems I find somewhere


Ten years from now or an hour ago

Five years ago the paper, brought to me sad news, That I was out the love of my life (She never even knew.) She was sitting in a diner, When a car crashed through the wall, She and two others— a sister and brothers, Heard their final call Time ole time to no man yields, (or else you’ll pay a price) I knew this thing, when I set off, To save my darling’s life. I needed giggadrives and X-RAY flux and even voltage dividers, But thank the lord I have a job, At the Tri-state Particle Collider I worked all day, and slaved all night, to modify my van Years ticked by, I began to wonder If I’d finish what I began— To the bar I sauntered up And got myself a soda She looked over and said to me Save me sweet casanova (No, focus now there’s work to do and I’m only getting older.) At dawn I woke the day had come, Its time for me to save her, Drag her out the temporal abyss, Against the laws of nature. I warped through time, Skipped through space, And crossed those great divides, Only to wind up double-parked Shirley’s diner, two thousand nine. Deep breath, I’m in, I see her there, In the booth just by the window, Knowing not that in minutes flat, She’d be smashed up by a limo She could tell that something’s wrong Asked me what’s the matter, But I just laughed and played it off, Asked her bout time travel She agreed she’d run away To travel space and time, If an old acquaintance With a volkswagen van ever dropped her a line. As the clock was ticking low, I knew that I must act, I said to her, now come with me, And warned others of the crash We skipped outside and off we went To explore all space and time Ten years from now or an hour ago She just became my bride 

My thoughts on Capitalism – Poems I find somewhere


My thoughts on Capitalism

Our days burn fast,and we outpace our fate, Reaching for the sky,and grounded by weight, Cut too deep to dream about anything more, Stamp out the light and chase profit 'till dark, Your pockets are deep,and your heart is a farce, Exploiting lives so that you may earn more, Gold leaf and privilege for all who pass GO, Private prisons collect all those you've broke, Because profit is made from things that kill hope, Like starving the poor and selling cheap dope, We know your plans, we've seen them before, Half plastic oceans and GMO corn, Sold for convenience and costing much more, More damage than a rant or song can report, Dead cities or oceans,which one is worse? Tied by the neck to those who jump first, It's those in the back,who's back's strain the worst, Trying without choice to maintain the norm., Their normal's been bought by those who pay more. So raise a cheap glass to great futures gone by, To president and dictators all worldwide, To thank them and their values, For this precocious slide into poverty and need, To you it applies,because your not valued, You've been cast aside, It's often the case for wrong things to seem right. Revolution at hand,let's all grab a gun, let's void all the progress and good that we've won, Because we've lost sight and gave power to few, our statement of greatness no longer seems true, Until one considers another angle or view, Of those who have yachts and hedge funds to boot; "Our incentive is greed,its hard to refute,freedom's unequal for those who bleed blue, The product of a system slated for the few,the worlds too small,so many must loose." Orders of men,strategic and cold, Deciding the futures of those young and old, Forgetting all that shines is not always gold,but something unvalued,at first seeming dull,that's polished and cut,then placed under sun. So polish and cut until rounded to one, Until they believe that your one of them, Until You,yourself see's the old you is gone, Until all of your values are no longer yours, and when nearing the top, you'll know you made big, When all those who knew you say "FUCK YOU PIG!"

Echo’s of a broken heart – Poems I find somewhere


Echo’s of a broken heart

Broken, Ripped, Dismembered

This is the state of a heart that endured to betrayal.

You can't get close, You don't trust most

You opened your heart, He tore it apart

You delivered your love, You were spat on from above

You watched him leave as you bleed watching the seed of your anguish sprout like thorns piercing through flesh and spirit.

Hurt, pain, agony

These are the only words your lips will taste as your heart is harden from its bitterness.

You refuse to love to avoid the pain as you bask in the dismay of your lonely soul.

Wallowing in the shadows of your misery.

The storm has lasted so long you don't remember the existence of light.

So long you've been in the dark that you no longer know the moon from the sun.

Lonely Happiness – Poems I find somewhere


Lonely Happiness

Lonely Happiness

When you cry and your tears dry, surrounded by somber crowds it often comes by, scrubbing crude and obscene stains of sorrow hoping it cleans then you might know what loneliness means.

When you are happy and smile by yourself, or are sad, angry and sulk on your own, when you thrive to achieve but are blown to smithereens, then you might know what loneliness means.

When you are showered by love and beauty, listen to music play, but know this stale, numb emptiness is here to stay, A hollow, cold, frozen prisoner like other heartless living machines then you might know what loneliness means.

When you see this life of meaningless persistence, love or hate are no longer relevant or even in existence, and find joy in this freedom of empty screams, then you might know what loneliness means.

When you go through endless horrors of suffering and pain, and realize that there is nothing else to lose or gain, impermanent attachments of meaningless dreams, then you might know what happiness means.

I Kissed You In My Dreams – Poems I find somewhere


I Kissed You In My Dreams

Last night I had a dream. Oh yes, it was a remarkably vivid dream. I met you my strong handsome man…

We locked hearts…locked eyes and wanted only each other.. We walked on a beach in the moonlight with the sounds of waves crashing against the rocks

We sat on the sand and melted our hearts with passion… with the soft warm music of raindrops dancing on the water We kissed slowly ….every so slowly….with the pounding beat of passion making our hands tremble

We created an energy together that was futuristic in nature Not a single word was said… not needed… our synergistic motion mimicked the waves

I woke up soaked in a hot hot hot sweat. My body dripping dripping dripping …..with wet pearls of joy My heart pounding so fast…. It seemed so real, so very real My slender athletic toned body and your strong body…melting together in the rain

I loved every ounce of your soul and sought to make you happy. I ran my fingers over your beautiful face and rubbed your body sweetly with the water from the ocean I needed you and you needed me…to please to love to cherish I kissed you ever so slowly, so beautifully, and wanted to feel your heart Yes, it seemed so unbelievably real..I thought

I tried so hard to go back to sleep and fall into the dream but something kept me awake perhaps the sound of my own lonely heart pounding, throbbing, shaking

I can hear you – Poems I find somewhere


I can hear you

I can hear you in all your silence too The beats of your heart that drums double in woo The plunging, brooding eyes that reaches down my heart’s groove Silent soul following my traces to the moon.

Your feelings give me vibrations of love that feels so true Icicle now melting coloring all my world once blue Your love it shines my heart. It’s like a spectrum of hues As you are falling into me and I am falling into you.

Your light aglows my soul, I flow in peace I never knew Your eyes hypnotize. I lose myself trail-less, no clue. Your fingers play a trance, I feel aligned to their tune Twilight breaks on my sight as if breaking golden noon.

Your voice tricks my heart, I feel you calling me your boo I drift in endless oceans of some feelings all brand new Ranging from the top of lungs, you pierce my deepest truth You take over my all and I feel happy to be you.

Source: ReasonPad- Poetry

veteran searching for meaning – Poems I find somewhere


veteran searching for meaning

I am nothing more than an imperfect soul Trying to make sense of the world around me. Through what little understanding I can invoke I spread this wisdom to my fellow man. To let him who struggling with the weight From the responsibility of life Know that many others before have sat And questioned in pain and confusion But have persevered, risen, and become stronger Not because of an easy path before them, But because of the courage created inside Pushing them through every impediment Thrown in front ofv them by life.

So far I've lived a life rooted in analytical thinking From the memorization and repetition of Known rules, laws, and procedures Conforming to a pre-constructed image of What a successfull life is based from The material possesions owned To the title one holds at an occupation. No longer. Now I will pursue a life with the above foundation But now directed to the creation of new ideas, Visions, philosophies, in hope to better not only mine But the lives of all my fellow man.

Endlessly Hoping – Poems I find somewhere


Endlessly Hoping

All she ever wanted was to be admired with the same fierce intensity she admired the sky. She wanted someone to appreciate her flaws in the way she appreciated every discarded petal, with utter elegancy. All she wished for was for somebody to gaze at her, fixated on the beauty she tried to give. She wished for someone to love all of her as profoundly as her fascination with the world.

From Dust to Seed – Poems I find somewhere


From Dust to Seed

The voids within

Soundbites of despirited whispers

Poison the mind of the lost

Hope crestfallen in reflect

Synapse network entropy

Battlecry, internal war is amok

Unruly memory, insentience is the soul

Erase my dreams and start again

Cleanse and pour me upwind

Dust will settle and start anew

Fertile ashes germinate new seed

With sun beams embraced

Blooming life renew

“Feeling Broken and Lost” – Poems I find somewhere


“Feeling Broken and Lost”

In the hour of pain, In the hour of loss, Time hath no mercy, It ticks with accost.

Looking to the the horizon, The Sun stands still. Peace may be ahead, But tomorrow never will.

This moment of pain Should last but a minute, Yet it ticks for hours, When I don't want to live it.

Inspired by a friends Facebook status: "Why is it when things get bad the clock's ticking gets louder, and time stands still like some, 'I'm gonna hold you right here just to make every moment painfully longer…'"

Contentment, Resentment – Poems I find somewhere


Contentment, Resentment

Is love meant to take you apart I mean where's the part Where someone comes in an instant And takes your heart It makes you lost You don't even know Where to start And if we die young Do we die young at heart Or does the weight of the world Tear you apart Life's a car And there's no where to park You feel left out All alone in the dark Desperate to leave a mark You long for a new start But the weight of the world Tears you apart

We live in this fantasy But ultimately We're all lost at sea No sight of land Come on Row your boat Forget those aching hands All you long for Is the sight of sand But with a slight of hand The cards dissapear And all that appears Are your plight and your tears The end of the fantasy is near So you look back on those years And all you can think is 'Oh, dear!'

Since June – Poems I find somewhere


Since June

I spent days thinking.

I feel dead.

My body heard most the words you said,

but I'm the same.

I'm insane.

I'm so afraid.

. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .

You tried it all before;

you made it to the door, but it was locked.

I wouldn't let you in.

. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .

But my life's gone through it all

and I can't take more falls..

I want to crawl down to my knees

and tell you that I'm so defeated

but my mouth want say the words.

I'm just choking in the hurt.

. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .

" You're not letting anyone in.

You're such a fucking coward;

you're just too much for me.


You're just too much for anyone

because you can't trust anyone. "

. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .




I'm so sorry for the way I treated every word you said.

I'm not so grown up in the end;

I'm still a kid inside my head.


I just want to go away.

Dream – Poems I find somewhere



Had a dream about you and me You were cuddling me begrudgingly As if a job, joyless And in the dream i found out later Youd slipped in the bed having no greater Than 10 minutes before u had to leave And chose then simply cus youd be able to leave sooner And there was another girl in the bed And there were other girls in the room That you actually loved And i was taken in pity and duty 

HAPPY MOTHER DAY – Poems I find somewhere



HAPPY MOTHER DAY You’ve seen me cry, And always you were there, By my side. You were there for the ups, And you stayed for the downs, You gave me many smiles,

And chased away my frowns. And through it all, You were always there, making sure I knew, How much you care. I’m your little girl, And you’re my mother, And no matter what, I’d want no other. Happy Mother’s Day, mom!

confessions – Poems I find somewhere



she speaks in tongues
to a boy who can't even feel his lungs
he's got a head full of bad memories
and bad habit of believing in stories
she walks back and forth in the basement
and he watches her lips like he understands them
he's off in a thought while she pours out her heart
but she's been broken even before the start
he drinks to forget every word that she said
and she drinks to remember all the words in her head
and they stand there a watch each other trying to explain
every problem they have and why they're in so much pain
and they stay close but not close enough to feel like there's something new
every chance that they had became every moment they blew
and he finishes his drink and keeps the bottle in his hand
as she watches the boy's heart empty of sand
with her last breathe she tells him the truth
and they both collapse onto the floor splitting in two

Lovers of the moonlight – Poems I find somewhere


Lovers of the moonlight

Oh graceful moon, beautiful moon

Where are you tonight

Reveal yourself from the clouds and enchant me with tales of a lover across the sea

Engage me with the warm embrace of your moonlight; so I may feel the amity in his arms

Send me the crescent of his smile. It's bright and benevolent. Let me see the beauty in the ruggedness of his spirit.

Bring with you the sweet aroma of his skin in the night air and with it the sensation of his presence. Even the taste of his lips.

Call over the wind so I can hear the celestial sound of his voice. It's gentle sound harmonising with crickets playing love songs.

And oh moon, oh timeless and romantic moon. Send my love to him as he sent it to me.

For your presents in the sky brings me more joy than the rising of the sun.